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The Group considers corporate social responsibility as an integral aspect and on-going commitment of our business principles as our business activities would have an impact on the workplace, employees, community, environment and market place.

Health and safety is given utmost priority within the Group operations. The Group endeavours to provide and uphold a safe, secured and healthy working environment for the employees. The Group Safety and Health Committee overseas and ensures the health and safety policies and procedures adheres to the safety measures of the Occupational Safety and Health Act or any other applicable safety rules. It continues to conduct safety trainings, health awareness campaigns, fire drill and regular inspection of safety equipment at plants and offices. Notices on safety and health guidelines and measures were displayed at plants and offices to instill safety consciousness and ensure adherence at all levels. During the year, a mobile clinic for staff medical checkup was also organised to improve employees' concern and understanding about their health condition. This will help employees in identifying appropriate measure to improve their health condition and prevent disease.

Employees are the principal assets and their commitment and contribution are vital for the sustainability of the business. Recruitments are based on individual required competencies and professionalism. Employees of different background, gender, age and ethnicity are given equal opportunities for career development and advancement.





Age Group

< 30

31 - 40

41 - 50

> 51








The Group acknowledged the importance of human capital development and employee career advancement and continues to provide its employees with on-job trainings, workshops and seminars to upgrade their skills, knowledge and competencies.

The Group continued to subscribe internship program by providing industrial trainings to students from various local institutes and universities. They were assigned to various divisions of the plants and offices to gain relevant technical and management knowledge and experience.

The Master Trainers continued to provide regular in-house trainings to employees of various functions with the objective of sharing and developing leadership, management and motivational skills and foster closer coordination among employees.

Sports activities, morning Taiso exercise and festive open house were also held to foster closer working relationship, promote group unity and networking among employees.

In support of good causes, the Group had during the year repair common road to few factories area, beautify by trimming the tress and planting flowers to help improve the environment and to save the earth.

As an ISO 14001:2004 (International specification for Environment Management System) accredited company, the Group strived to ensure our production processes and products complied with the applicable environmental laws and regulations. This is achieved by continuous control and reduce any adverse environmental impact by increase operational efficiency, reduce energy usage, waste management, recycle of materials and improve health and safety practices. New waste water treatment system was installed to ensure waste water from production processes was properly treated before discharge and no issue of pollution.

The Group values its business relationships with all its stakeholders through good corporate governance practices to meet shareholders' expectations, employee satisfaction and career advancement, high standard and quality products with continuous improvement in technology and processes to ensure customer satisfaction as well as fair procurement practices for suppliers.

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